Hire Conditions

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Without exception, 2 forms of ID must be presented on hire (of which a copy / photograph will be retained until full return and test of equipment hired):

  • ID type 1: drivers licence or passport and;
  • ID type 2: utility bill or bank correspondence with current residential address. $200 security deposit (cash only) to be refunded in full on return with no damage.

NOTE: Equipment hired without operator services / setup may only be used open air if corresponding publicly available weather forecast - viewed at least 24 hours in advance - shows dry conditions, or if hirer acknowledges open-air but ‘covered’ usage.

No equipment is to be left uncovered, powered on or operated in the event of rain, and must be fully covered or removed to an indoor area if any adverse weather conditions develop.

Hirer is responsible for all damage to equipment and the security deposit may be lost in full should any equipment be returned in a damaged or non-working state.

Always consider a secondary mounting or safety cable for any equipment in high-traffic areas or elevated at height.

Consider the application of high visibility marking table to speaker stands to reduce trip hazards.

Always take a safety-first approach during set-up and operation:

  • If mounting speakers on stands, place stands away from audience and passing persons
  • Ensure stand legs are deployed in as wide as configuration as the supplied stand permits
  • Ensure all stand nuts and safety catches are engaged
  • Place speaker at lowest practical height to lower centre of gravity
  • Ensure finger-nut at base of speaker stand hole is tightened
  • Run all cables in a manner to reduce trip hazards
  • Always use an RCD protected socket when available
  • Check all cables for wear, cuts and damage at every use - DO NOT USE broken or damaged audio or power cables
  • Consider taping of cables
  • Audio equipment in our inventory is capable or creating high volumes which when operated at excess levels may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. Be aware of your audience and output volumes and always operate audio equipment at the lowest practical volumes.
  • Musicians or band members should always be aware of both Front of House audio volume and the volume of any holdback system(s) and operate these at the lowest practical volumes for the event.