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72 watt battery powered wash lights with wireless DMX 6 battery powered wash lights with wireless DMX

BeamZ BPP96 battery powered high output wash / uplighter with wireless DMX

Just added to our hire inventory (March '19)

Wireless, battery & mains powered LED washes / uplighters with:

  • 72 watt (6x12 watt RGBWA-UV)
  • Wireless DMX on-board
  • Stand-alone programs and sound-to-light capability
  • Up to 16 hours run time on battery - permanent on power!
  • Great for general venue wash lighting, internal architectural or column uplighting, corporate and event lighting, wedding venue lighting and much much more

 Hire from just $55 per day each, or hire all 6 for $300 per day and we'll add in a controller with wireless DMX free of charge!

Flexible hire terms & wide range

Our event and stage lighting hire range includes a wide range of professional event, stage and DJ lighting units suitable for events of 50 -5000+ persons, indoor and outdoor.

Whatever your event lighting hire needs, we’re likely to have what you need in our extensive hire inventory.

We have lighting suitable for a wide array of event types including:

  • Exhibitions
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences and Presentations
  • Gala Dinners & Cocktail Evenings
  • Fundraisers and Charity Events
  • Concerts & Live Music Events
  • DJ Sets and Live Bands
  • Weddings and Private Paries
  • General Venue Lighting

Quality, professional grade lighting for any event

With flexible hire terms and discounts for multi-day or longer hires, our rates are amongst some of the most competitive.

Our lighting hire range includes everything from DJ effect lighting through to concert and touring grade.

We also hire high power moving head washes and moving head beams and spots – including ‘sharpy’ type effects with 280 watt discharge lamps suitable for venues of up to 5000+ seats and DMX controllers to suit.

We stock a range of ‘atmospherics’ including smoke, faze and haze machines, and lasers up to 1000mw including text cable lasers which can project custom logos and animations.

We can also remotely design a custom light show to your requirements, work with you or your event team to review and tune, and then supply all of the lighting effects to make your event really come to life. For complex shows and events, we can also supplying lighting operators.

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Lighting types in our hire inventory include:

Moving head wash
Moving head beam
Moving head wash zoom

Mini moving head
Moving Head Wash Lights

High Power Moving Head Beam

Moving Head Wash Zoom

Mini Moving Head Wash

High power PAR64
Standard PAR64

Audience Blinders & Strobes
UV / Blacklight

PAR64 Standard

Moving Head Wash Lights

Audience Blinders / Strobes

UV / Blacklight

Bar washes
PAR64 sets with controller
Festoons and fairy

DMX lighting controllers
Bar / linear wash units
Wash Packages c/w Controller
Festoons & Fairy Lights
DMX Lighting Controllers

Select your event type to jump straight to suggested hire options:

Bands Concert Wedding General ambiance Solo Musicians DJ Sets Live Performers Theatre / Drama Dinners & Fundraisers Presentations

Or if you know the effect or lighting type, click the option below to see hire and rental pricing:

Wash lights Moving heads UV / Blacklight Strobes / Blinders Smoke Machine Lasers Stage profiles

Know you need lighting, but don’t now where to start or how to incorporate with your event theme?

We can provide design themes and lighting guidance based on your event type, and designed around the controllable elements of light; intensity, direction, movement and colour.

Our event and stage lighting, DJ and band / concert hire inventory includes:

  • LED Par-cans and pin spots
  • LED bar washes
  • Stage lighting: profile spots, follow spots, 
  • Moving head spots
  • Moving head washes
  • LED and discharge based Moving Head Hybrids
  • Strobes and stage blinders
  • UV washes
  • Mirror balls and mirror ball motors
  • Pixel-mappable effects
  • Laser effects
  • Smoke & haze machines
  • DMX controllers (up to 768 channels across 2 DMX universes)
  • DMX cables, clamps (50mm truss compatible), stands, t-bars and more

Add light to your event to create instant mood, ambiance and dynamics and take your event to the next level.

Add light to your hall, wedding venue marquee or other venue with washes or moving effects (such as the main page image).

Stage lighting / Live Performances

Consider wash lighting combined with profile spots, follow spots, accent lights and fresnels.

Create interest through lighting from a number of direction, i.e. from both wings of the stage, from overhead, from stage front low, in addition to using accent lighting (profile spots, or tight moving head beams can also be used). We recommend the use of our ShowTec Creator DMX controller to allow multiple scenes, or the use of pre-programmed ‘shapes’ if you are looking for a quick start.

Band lighting – events with up to 500 people

Start with plenty of wash lighting – which you can also vary the intensity in time with the beat – set to light from both sides of the stage, and from behind the stage if possible.

Increase the wow effect and audience interaction by adding in stage blinders and strobes. Consider a little smoke or a faker for some extra atmospherics!

Concerts – events in larger venues with 500+ people

Again, start with wash lighting, but consider adding a lighting rig which will give far greater versatility to how and where you can mount your lighting. Our 290mm box truss will allow you to build podiums, goalposts, and overhead structures for lighting unit suspension. You can event mount a screen to show more dynamic graphical effects or to relay a live image of the group to elsewhere in the venue.

Moving head spots and washes mounted overhead and at stage level in front of the performers add dynamism and versatility.

Add overhead stage blinders to be able to light your audience and bring them in to key moments of the set.

Use atmospherics to show defined lighting beams. Haze machines produce a delicate mix suitable for band use where you want to accentuate your lights but don’t want to obscure the view of your performers.

Lighting a DJ set

Consider moving head effects, strobes and lasers combined with atmospheric effects, i.e. smoke machines, fazers, or hazers. Our Showtec Phantom moving head spots are a dynamic fast-moving head which can be quickly controlled with pre-set shapes via the ShowTec Creator DMX controller (up tp 32 moving heads of 24 channels can be controlled).

Or for a retro glow party, mix UV blacklight with lasers and smoke!

Mount your lighting effects on our range of industry standard box truss podiums, goal-posts, or full lighting truss rigs available to hire separately or combine with our PA hire options to create full event packs.

General venue lighting – washes and ambiance

Wall washes, using wash bars or standard PAR64 washes can really bring a room alive.

Combine some subtle (slow moving, non-pulsing) effects to highlight areas of interest, or another option is to use a moving head spot with prism engaged and a slow gobo rotation to uplight roof and ceilings.

Use lower power accent lights, such as a 20w accent light to light buffet tables, bar areas etc alongside the more generalised wash lighting.

Wedding venues

Lighting weddings is all about subtlety and simplicity with classic colour schemes including pastel shades.

Add low output festoon or strand lighting for a star effect and consider subtle accent lighting of centrepieces, tables, buffet and bar areas.

If you have a band or DJ as part of your wedding reception, add in separate lighting capabilities as described from the band or DJ sections, but don’r rely on the more subtle venue lighting alone to get the party started – for this you’ll need FX lights or moving heads to create some movement.

DMX Capable

All of our lighting is DMX capable and we are also able to supply a range of DMX controllers.

Our controllers range from basic options through to our top of the range dual DMX universe Showtec controller. This controller is pre-programmed with a wide range of lighting shapes, and cable of controlling up to 32 intelligent effects of up to 24 channels per fixture.

Truss, rigging and stands

To compliment our lighting options, we also supply a wide range of truss systems, and for those needing a complete event solution, we would be pleased to provide you with a quote for a combined sound, light and rigging package.

All of our lighting can be supplied with 290mm lighting truss compatible clamps, and we can also supply safety eyes and safety cables and a range of DMX cables from 50cm right up to 30m in length.

Delivery & hire rates

We can deliver within the Sydney metro area at competitive rates. We can also provide a skilled lighting operator who is also able to design a light show matching your specific requirements.

When hiring, please keep in mind that some equipment is heavy in nature and may require a 2 person lift or assistance to mount on stands or trussing. Always ensure that any lighting fixture mounted overhead is adequately secured. This will require the use of one or more separate safety chains or wires in addition to the main mounting point.

Call (02) 9477 3757 or contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail or to request a quote for a custom lighting package or scroll down for a selection of our hire pricing and packages.

Our pre-mounted LED PAR64 unit with stand and basic DMX lighting controller is one of our most popular units for general band and wash lighting use. Low power consumption with reasonable output and fully DMX capable.

Hire from just $75 per night!

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Our Showtec Creator DMX controller is capable of controlling up to 768 DMX channels across 2 DMX universes. That's enough for up to 32 fixtures of 24 channels each. This unit also has some fantastic pre-programmed shapes which make setting up multiple moving heads into a light show quick and easy.

Hire from just $95 per night!

High-power concert / touring grade lighting

We also stock high-end concert / touring grade lighting available for larger events including:
* 280 watt discharge moving head spots (super- sharp 0.8 to 4 degree beams and 8 or 16 facet prisms)
* 286 watt LED moving head washes (with 10 - 60 degree zooms)
Contact us for pricing or to discuss your needs further.

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One of our Showtec Phantom 75 LED moving head spots. This is one of the real workhorses of our range - reliable, bright, quiet and fast with a range of colours and rotating gobos, plus a 3 way prism to split the beam further. Includes focus via DMX.

Hire from just $75 per day.

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Our 200 watt (2x 100 watt LED) DMX capable stage blinders are a versatile unit which can be used for general venue lighting, as stage blinders, or as LED strobes with a strobe rate of up to 20 flashes per second.

These are seriously bright units and are available to hire from just $40 ea per day.

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